Reviews for "Bring Back Meaning!"

(ROFL at previous review, just imagining what would be reviewed for Madness games by that logic)

The game is simple, even for a PnC adventure. Call it satisfactory, decent, mediocre, etc. That kinda sums it up. But let's go a bit further and explain stuff.

I liked the art, colorful and simple - Simplicity in art is good as long as it doesn't interfere on general aesthetics. The overall appearance of the game is very pleasant, and, for the theme of the game, is a solid choice. Characters are also nice.

Music/sound is okay - can't really go wrong using royalty free audio from incompetech, but original audio would have been appreciated.

Gameplay: Apart from the pickaxe, the rest was either obvious, easy to figure out or easy to try. Lack of general, harder puzzles makes me think this game targets mostly an infant audience, but it is enjoyable by adults too. Medals are easy or trivial to obtain. The secret medal is less trivial and requires some thinking... Not much though.

"Plot"/Story: Here's where you dropped the ball. There are virtually infinite possible PnC environments (some are really, REALLY illogical and inconsistent with themselves) and the thing is, this one's pretty bleak, just a simple lover/friend quarreling over misunderstanding something. It's bleak because it won't develop, although the fact that the main character has to STEAL in order to satisfy his (girl)friend was somewhat amusing.

Well, that's expected for the whole setting.

So, overall, a decent game - has it's ups and downs, deserves a fair score. 3 stars for the game, +0.5 star because I did enjoy it.

PS. Kids, don't steal from others in order to please people you like!

Rather crappy adventure game IMHO. Here is what to avoid in future:

- The main issue is the plot. Love doesn't work that way. You don't get people in love with you by bribing them with sweets or other material goods. You only set yourself up as being a sucker in a one-way relationship if you do this. I assume many young kinds who are just hitting puberty and learning about relationships play this game. What message do you bring to them? To give girls material goods in exchange for love? To be an errand boy and solve all their problems and their friend problems? To give in to their tantrums and reward bad behavior? You are potentially doing real damage to young people's minds with this irresponsible game. I am not even going into detail about how this game makes stealing ok if it's ""for love". -1 star for this.

- Bad art is an obvious thing, now that is not the worst offense in my book, plot and gameplay is more important then visuals, but still. If a game has properly drawn characters it deserves a higher rating then a game that has circles and hexagons as characters. -0.5 stars for this

- Bad color scheme. Some unfortunate color combinations really hurt the eyes. This is a diferent point from bad art. I understand that some people are bad at drawing but still could make a good game using basic shapes like circles and hexagons. But choosing a painful color scheme is just sloppy. -0.5 stars.

- Pixel hunting. I understand that you hid the pickaxe among spikes to raise difficulty - but here is the thing if your adventure game needs to resort to pixel hunting to make it difficult enough then your game is bad in the first place. Pixel hunting will make it even worse. PH is only acceptable if your game specifically states that in this and that area you have to pixel hunt - like in a dark room or on some place where a character says - "hmm there is something here". -0.5 stars.

- Too basic puzzles. So why was pixel hunting necessary to raise difficulty - because puzzles are too simple and unimaginative. Characters jut saying what item they need, giving them the exact thing they ask receiving some random thing in reward and giving it to other guy - the most rudimentary of adventure game mechanics. Yes it is a common Carmel game style, but Carmel games is not the best example of adventure games (still better then this). If you want to see how great adventure games work on this portal check out Zombie Society series from Muja, Trader of Stories series by Rudowsky Brothers (mrudi), Several Journeys of Reemus series or A Small Favor series by ClickShake, I Have One Day by Cellar Doors Games, Submachine series by Mateusz Skutnik and others. -0,5 stars.

And the last thing that I am not going to lover score for any more but a good tip - add some humor and funny dialogues in your game. Most adventure games conceal their shortcomings with good humor and often some self irony. There was very little if any of it here.

RejahCityGuy responds:

Re. bad color scheme, what is an example?

I must say it's great but it's laggy, as well the game was great and i enjoy it but, the lag don't help so much, my internet is good just fix that or try it.

RejahCityGuy responds:

Have you considered changing quality in the settings?

simple game I love the music though. chill

Yeah kids, because stealing someone else's stuff to repay your bitchy gf is the right thing to do.