Reviews for "Bring Back Meaning!"

Yeah kids, because stealing someone else's stuff to repay your bitchy gf is the right thing to do.

I'm not really into object show stuff, also you didn't credit JacknJellify much, but the game functions and it's okay, so.. yeah..

RejahCityGuy responds:

Didn't I put him in the credits?

So... the pickaxe... that was a dumb choice on the developer's part.

good game! and to gideon101: if you're looking for a lesson in a game like this, you got another thing coming lol

This cartoon was just okay. I admit to being confused by it. It just seemed like such a random story. I had no idea I would immediately die just by sliding in water. Still, there's really nothing terrible about this cartoon. It just doesn't add up to much.

I guess it's kind of unique. The animation isn't that good. Should I say animation or graphics? I guess it was intended more for little kids. Well, I haven't played it the whole way through.