Reviews for "Bring Back Meaning!"

Short fun game, i didn't like how hidden that pickaxe was, I had to look at the walkthrough. Other than that I loved the tiny secrets and puzzles. Solid point and click puzzle game in my opinion.

Not a bad game. The puzzles made sense, and the ending was very d'awww. I know nothing about Rejah City, but I'm a Carmel fan, and you get kudos for taking inspiration from them.

Three things, though. One: the pickaxe is a bit too hard to find. Two: I don't think it's hinted anywhere that Bugspray hates music. (I sort of guessed that at random.) Three: was the exploreable area in and around A.C.'s house originally supposed to be larger?

RejahCityGuy responds:

1. Thanks, it was supposed to be hidden well.
2. It was the particular static music that she hated to be bothered by. I was kinda hoping people would figure this out when thinking about how the radio is useful at all.
3. Nope, it was just supposed to be that!