Reviews for "Bring Back Meaning!"

Very good, thanks.

Simple fun
As with everyone, the pickax was too hard to locate especially since it was right where the 'next location' button was.

Any hints for the parallel world?

What a lovely game. It's nice to see that Rubber and Hex are friends again in the end.
Puzzles are alright. I enjoyed helping Rubber's neighbours.

I loved this game, and I thought the talking objects were really cute. I'm a fan of Point and Click adventure games, and I think you did a very nice job on this.

Also, to players who had trouble finding the cup for the orange juice, the cup is in the hole. First, find the rope, which will allow you to enter the hole. You'll see the cup floating by in the water below, and it will keep coming back around until you click on it.
And the pickaxe is hidden in the spikes in front of Bugspray's house.

so the lesson today boys and girls is that stealing someone's chocolates from their home is okay if you're giving them to someone else to buy their friendship...