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Reviews for "Zombie Cannon Attack!"

So yeah, something is really messed up about this game. When I try to play it in Chrome, even though I haven't played it before, the title screen gives me the "Load Game" option instead of "New Game". When I select this option, it starts up a game, but nothing happens. My guy just stands there and I can't do anything. If I try to run it in Firefox, it freezes on the "Rubble Games" logo. However, if I run it on the website you linked in the below comment, it works. So, the Newgrounds version apparently does not work at all.

RubbleGames responds:

Both websites are running the same version so I'm not sure what the problem is, but it's specific to Newgrounds. Did you try the delete save button fix I posted in the description?

Update: I think I have an idea what's causing the Chrome issues for some people, please try the 'delete save' fix for now. Thanks

Update 2: I'm hoping I've fixed it. If anyone comes across this bug can they please let me know asap. Thanks

Boxes. I fucking hate those boxes. They can easily turn what could be an amazing run with a horde of about 30 zombies into an impassible blockade that whittles your horde down to nothing in less than a second. Yeah, you can tell this is designed to be a mobile game because half of the time, when you're too focused on destroying boxes ahead of you, you're often missing brains that fall down behind you to increase your dwindling horde; you can have a thumb on either side to mop up the mess, but you only have one mouse. Those boxes are the only reason that it took me so long to even get the 1000-meter running medal, because more often than not, I'll miss them among the crowds and crowds of humans shooting at me or running past... and it only gets even more obnoxious when the crates turn into brick palettes.

Another thing that annoys me is the rampage. Not just the child's voice that overpowers every other sound in the game, you don't know how long the duration lasts. Don't get me wrong, I love not being able to click on boxes for a whole three seconds, it's that it never feels consistent. Half of the time, it feels like it never really goes off at all, and again my zombies will get stuck on a single box that ends up getting them all killed. You probably could've eliminated both the problem of missing brains and obnoxious obstacles by:
- having a duration meter for rampage mode somewhere, or having the button you press to activate your rampage BE your timer;
- creating a new upgrade option that lets you increase the duration of rampage ever so slightly; and/or
- creating yet another upgrade option that gives your zombies an X% chance to create two zombies with one kill, maybe incrementing by no more than 5% with each level.

This is not a game that was designed to be Flash-friendly. Instead of a small sentence in the third paragraph of your game's description, maybe a brief disclaimer at the start of your game would help disperse some of the hate you're getting and have more comments referring to actual bugs and glitches within the game instead of fundamental problems that make it frustratingly difficult to play. Maybe then, you'd be getting fewer zero- and one-star reviews like mine.

RubbleGames responds:

Seriously mate, no-one made you play to 1000 metres. If you were hating it that much why not just stop and play something else? Life's too short.

this half a star is for making a zombie with a baby voice on a rampage. killing people with that voice just piss me off

RubbleGames responds:

That's my little boy's voice and he was very happy to be involved, congrats on being such a dick though.

Rubble games... and a zombie or something under it.

And it sits there.. forever.

Great title screen that never progresses.

RubbleGames responds:

Can you give me a bit more info please, such as browser and os?

Bug: after reaching 3k skill upgrade cost, the skill doesn't working anymore. Very frustrating.

RubbleGames responds:

This isn't a bug. The cannon has a cap. The text changes from 'buy' to 'max' and the cost says 'max reached' to explain this.