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Reviews for "Zombie Cannon Attack!"

It's a fun game, but eventually froze on Chrome during game play, and like beavinator, it freeze on the logo in Firefox. I'm running Firefox 64bit on Windows 10, FYI. Not sure if that helps.

RubbleGames responds:

Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it. I've not been able to replicate any Firefox problems, so if you know how to access the javascript console it would be really useful if you could share any error messages you see. The Chrome freezing issue may be occuring if you click outside the game window, switching to a different tab and back should sort it out if that's the case.

Game doesn't load for me. Using Chrome. This is all I see. http://imgur.com/a/RZ8Wt

RubbleGames responds:

I honestly don't know what's going on here. I developed the game in chrome and played it all the way through in chrome on Newgrounds to test the medals. If anyone comes across this issue and can access the console to see if there are any error messages I'd appreciate it.

A good twist of the toss game formula. However I felt that this is too much about grinding and buying upgrades and not enough about controlling the zombie horde.

It's also a pity that when turned zombies police officers and army soldiers strip their uniforms and wear the same strained wife-beater. Zombies should be in the same clothes as the human they were.

The child's voice when pressing rampage button was weird decision.

No animated cursor in a mouse controlled game is also an unfinished design.

Pretty good "launch" game, but there are definitely bugs and glitches you need to address. The biggest one is that it's not playable on Chrome at all; you only see the title screen and that's it.

RubbleGames responds:

Hi, thanks for your feedback. Could you PM me some more details about your set up please? I've tested the game more on Chrome than any other browser, I've played it all the way through on Chrome on Newgrounds, Desktop and Mobile, so it definitely does work on Chrome. Could you try the game on my site: http://www.rubblegames.com/games.html and see if you still have problems?

The game looks fun- but it crashes everytime you click out of it. It's heavily based on the mouse, so it's super frustrating clicking outside by mistake. Using chrome ;P

RubbleGames responds:

Update: I think I've fixed the freezing issue. I'm hoping I've also fixed the problem causing the crashes on loading some people have been getting. If anyone comes across any problems please let me know. I will do my very best to fix them.

Original response: When that happens it's not crashing, just freezing. If you switch to a different tab and back it'll unfreeze. Obviously that's not ideal behaviour, unfortunately the newer versions of the engine I use don't seem to like the way Newgrounds hosts games. I'm looking into it though. Thanks for the feedback.