Reviews for "Zombie Cannon Attack!"

This is a brilliant game! The sound effects like the: "WAHOO!" and the goat scream are hilarious. Keep up the good work.

RubbleGames responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it.

This really reminds me Zombie Tsunami, this is better than that game for me. Good job!

RubbleGames responds:

Thanks, really glad you liked it.

I really like the hyper-realistic blood. The gore is splendid.

However, I feel like you forgot about "start new game" option in the menu.
The first time I played it, I pressed load game and the game worked wonky.
The second time, I pressed delete data and then, I could start the new game properly.
Work on it man.

But seriously, these graphics. I've never seen details so vividly like that before.

RubbleGames responds:

Thanks, I was a little worried it was too realistic. I didn't want people to be scared because they thought there were actual little people getting turned into zombies.

It is supposed to have 'new game' to begin with, but there's a problem with the way it gets save data that I can only really fix by messing up everyone's save file so I've tried to come up with a workaround. Hopefully it's working now.

Might be a problem only I'm having, but whenever I click off-screen during the game, the whole thing freezes.

RubbleGames responds:

Thanks for the feedback, it's not just you. I'm looking into it but it doesn't happen on my site, only on Newgrounds. If you switch to a different tab and back it should unfreeze.

Almost instantly addicted. It's simple but super cute and kept me playing for a half hour before I realized how much time had passed.

RubbleGames responds:

Thanks, that's really good to hear, glad you liked it.