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Reviews for "Zombie Cannon Attack!"

This is a brilliant game! The sound effects like the: "WAHOO!" and the goat scream are hilarious. Keep up the good work.

RubbleGames responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it.

I really like the hyper-realistic blood. The gore is splendid.

However, I feel like you forgot about "start new game" option in the menu.
The first time I played it, I pressed load game and the game worked wonky.
The second time, I pressed delete data and then, I could start the new game properly.
Work on it man.

But seriously, these graphics. I've never seen details so vividly like that before.

RubbleGames responds:

Thanks, I was a little worried it was too realistic. I didn't want people to be scared because they thought there were actual little people getting turned into zombies.

It is supposed to have 'new game' to begin with, but there's a problem with the way it gets save data that I can only really fix by messing up everyone's save file so I've tried to come up with a workaround. Hopefully it's working now.

It's a fun game, but eventually froze on Chrome during game play, and like beavinator, it freeze on the logo in Firefox. I'm running Firefox 64bit on Windows 10, FYI. Not sure if that helps.

RubbleGames responds:

Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it. I've not been able to replicate any Firefox problems, so if you know how to access the javascript console it would be really useful if you could share any error messages you see. The Chrome freezing issue may be occuring if you click outside the game window, switching to a different tab and back should sort it out if that's the case.

So yeah, something is really messed up about this game. When I try to play it in Chrome, even though I haven't played it before, the title screen gives me the "Load Game" option instead of "New Game". When I select this option, it starts up a game, but nothing happens. My guy just stands there and I can't do anything. If I try to run it in Firefox, it freezes on the "Rubble Games" logo. However, if I run it on the website you linked in the below comment, it works. So, the Newgrounds version apparently does not work at all.

RubbleGames responds:

Both websites are running the same version so I'm not sure what the problem is, but it's specific to Newgrounds. Did you try the delete save button fix I posted in the description?

Update: I think I have an idea what's causing the Chrome issues for some people, please try the 'delete save' fix for now. Thanks

Update 2: I'm hoping I've fixed it. If anyone comes across this bug can they please let me know asap. Thanks

Pretty good "launch" game, but there are definitely bugs and glitches you need to address. The biggest one is that it's not playable on Chrome at all; you only see the title screen and that's it.

RubbleGames responds:

Hi, thanks for your feedback. Could you PM me some more details about your set up please? I've tested the game more on Chrome than any other browser, I've played it all the way through on Chrome on Newgrounds, Desktop and Mobile, so it definitely does work on Chrome. Could you try the game on my site: http://www.rubblegames.com/games.html and see if you still have problems?