Reviews for "Nympho Waifu ++"

What are the cheats?

marblesyrup responds:

Seriously? It's right there in the main menu . "cheats"

Another fantastic Marble Syrup game!

I'm having trouble finding the story thread that leads to the scenes at the beginning of the second line in the gallery. Any help?

hahaha i love the pirate cheat it made me laugh my ribs hurt. i like this its cool keep up the good work.

Welp, I'm not very good at making reviews and all, so I'll make it short. Over all it's good. The plot, the number of endings, the effects and the programming. I think I found a bug though, in the options it says reach 2 endings to use author's commentary, I already reached 6 endings yet I cant use it.

P.S. Can't wait for Bron's Quest!

marblesyrup responds:

Thanks for the bug report! Fixed now (but you might have to reach two new endings for it to kick in)

***There may be spoilers so if you are one of those that don't like spoilers please don't read the places I put asterisks around which will be at the bottom***

I am gonna be as fair and honest as I possibly can, giving all the pros and cons I could find here. Honestly there was only 1-2 cons that I could really find though.

AMAZING STORYLINE (with the added pathways to take to give different endings)

LACK OF ANIMATION FOR SEXUAL SCENES (makes it more of a novel instead of a game, but that's not necessarily a BAD thing)
TECHNICAL ERRORS (grammar mishaps, a few places where I had to reload the game because it froze after playing appx. 15 minutes, and no it's not my computer with a 6 core CPU and a GTX 1060)
--On a personal note I felt the women moaned more in pleasure from you pulling out than blowing your load inside of them--- and from personal experience with like 4, it always seemed to be the other way around.

***SPOILERS*** :
- I loved Hina's storyline the most in particular. I felt as if this was the way it should have been and because of bad happenstance she was dealt the wrong hands. I think Hina's story was a little more thought out than the others' but then again, that's not a bad thing to me anyway. I felt a lot of passionate vibes from her-- more-so than your own wife (well ex-wife if you go this route)
- I liked the way Esther's story played out where she was originally the escape route from a chained marriage and then becomes the PC's best lover match.
- Hatsune I really wasn't sure about. Don't get me wrong, shes crazy hot and I enjoyed how her character played out, but it just seemed to me that they all had the same features in common with Hatsune-- All were in denial with themselves, clingy, they all had extraordinarily large breasts, I just felt the variety wasn't there. Like it was the same girl with a different skin and maybe a personality slightly different. In a way it was just like getting rid of Hatsune to get with the Blonde Hatsune (Esther) or the Green Haired Hatsune (Hina)

The character development was well thought out and I liked how they were individually displayed, but they all just seemed to be the same doppelganger inside like the same girl with multiple personality disorder. They need to look and feel unique as well.

That being said, if there is a sequel (and please tell me there is) the only things that would give you that last star and a die hard fan are
- Animation for sexual scenes
- Make the girls appear a bit more unique (when all the women have the same issues and the same triple Z tits it becomes a challenge to keep up with the story-- personally I find women with tits about C-D cup the best but maybe that one bombshell in there to spice it up would be a warm welcome)
- Perhaps add in a bit more story into their characters-- maybe make the PC have to court the other females. This is too glorious to become another Meet N' Fuck game. This will at least provide an edge to want to solve your marital issues first and then try to find your way out if nothing works. No need to make the sex a big minigame either-- the novel style is just fine for now. But make it a job to get in their pants not a privilege

Just keep up the hard work man. This shows GREAT amounts of promise. And I am happy to leave a 4.5 star rating for you to keep the good works up!

marblesyrup responds:

Thanks for the review! Re: the technical issue you experienced, that's the first report we've heard of that with our engine and our games have been played millions of times. It's likely an issue with your computer, no matter how high-spec it is (any problems with flash is usually not because of specs). If you remember where the game froze that might be helpful though (feel free to PM us). Also feel free to point out any grammar mishaps, and we'll fix them. Thanks!