Reviews for "Nympho Waifu ++"

I saw my name was minoru. I am a bnha fan. I have discovered that the game is greatly improved if you name yourself "grape-ass looking motherfucker" or something of the like.

the dialogue could've been better but other than that your team has done a good job with this. My advice to the person who wrote the dialogue is that you don't need to tell us that she is the wife; we can kind of guess or let us figure it out by the given clues, context and hints or hell let us miss the mark and before someone says, "yeah less is more!" no; more detail is more, the wording could've given us more without directly saying something but of course don't make it too broad of statements to know or understand what is going on.

Very great game, especially the part where Esther come in when you & your wife are mid sex in the office. I actually thought that I would get caught!

Great game, but I remember that the images are from an author and I wanted to know who the images are

Gotta love those self advertising clips at the end of it, made me crack up laughing but also super interested in Bron's Quest now XD

Anyways despite that this is another great game as always with your work the dialogue was compelling although not your best work but the only reason this is not a 5 star from me is because the art wasn't quite my style and a little off putting just felt like it was from an old hentai or something. but yeah I had fun finding all the different routes and also enjoyed exploring the cheats dialogues anyways onto Re:Maid which I'm not sure if I played the updated version or the old one, I'll find out in the next review >.>