Reviews for "Nympho Waifu ++"

Amazing game like usual from you guys. I do have question though. I got 8 out of 11 endings and I can't seem to find any others. Do I need the premium thing to get the other 3?

marblesyrup responds:

I think you can get one more (with Esther) with the hypnosis cheat turned on. 2 endings are exclusive to patrons but they are slight variations on the same theme, so you're not missing out on all that much.


Hatsine Good ending 4 was hilarious. Good job team

One of the very best games! The idea behind the game was amazing and couples should play it side by side so they can understand something about each other.

As per freakin' usual. Another awesome one from MarbleSyrup. Also, that teaser for a new project looks good. Especially that elf. Got a thing for them. Anyway, I got 6 endings so far. Wondering how to get the others. Imma have to try out a lot of stuff. Can I even get the threesome with Hina + Hatsune? Or a freakin foursome? LOL. Anyway, good job! I hyped to see the new one already! Cheers and more power to you guys!