Reviews for "Nympho Waifu ++"

Pretty good game, though I still like Laserks art for your games, and this is not as exciting as Crusoe or Re Maid. I looking forward for Bron's Quest.

Interesting game, though my biggest problem with it is its graphics. The boobs are just too big and I think that's a real shame because I would have really loved how the ladies would have looked if their boobs weren't bigger than they own heads. Also some of the sex scenes look just awkward due to poor anatomy. It's not just the size of the breasts, like the way Esther's spine, legs and over all body in general look during the time you fuck her in the entrence hall and when you screw her in doggie style along with Hatsune is almost Liefeld level of body distorsion. But now that I've read the author commentary I realize that it wasn't you who came up with these graphics, you just decenzored and played around them. Though, I wish there was a cheat that would shrink their boobs a little since the commentary says your artist edit the graphics a little bit. I think this is pretty different from your previous game because Re: Maid was a bit more romantic. There's some romance here too but I don't know, personally I'm getting the feeling that Nympho Wifu is more porny and Re: Maid is more romantic, so I won't demand the same amount of character and relationship development I do for stuff like Re: Maid and even thought the graphics aren't totally doing it for me, the text is pretty good. However, this feels like that kind of story where all hot females in the world are dreaming of getting to have the honor of getting to fuck this one, unatractive and uninteresting douche at least once in their life time because he is the protagonist- which is not necessary a bad thing since the game isn't going for romance or realism but I just think this trope is getting really old. I mean, in Re: Maid, Nishi was supposed to represent the every man too ( thought, not everyman has that kind of body) but the way he got to bone Erika and Hana didn't entirely feel like they want to fuck him only because he is the protagonist because we actually see him getting close to them instead of the game telling us he is already close to them and now they wanna screw him ( and, again the fact that he had that kind of body also made it a little bit more believable that girls would find him attractive). I kind of dislike Minoru due to how forced the way he gets to bone these women is and also, he is kind of a douche, even when you are trying to play the nice guy route he is still kind of a douche. But, again, I realize this game went less for realism and relatability and more for escapism, like seriously, Esther is a virgin, in her 30's, with a body like this that doesn't even realize she is even remotely attractive in the eyes of the people around her and she is so shy that she makes Erika look the most sociable person alive and she is also so fragile and so innocente that she never comitted the sin of masturbation and hasn't even seen a penis in her life time but then suddenly, she's a sex crazed maniac for Minoru, and only Minoru. Talk about strong virgin and shy girl fetishism here. I mean hell, even Hina is a virgin and she decided to be virgin so Minoru will have the honor to deflower her, even thought he was married and she did not expect him to cheat on Hatsune with her. Like, I am not saying this is bad, this is just playing around fetishes to please certain people and this is pretty much like what your other novels did. Re: Maid did this with maids and Crusoe did this with incest, and there's nothing wrong with trying on different things. And even thought I find Esther to be pretty annoying with how innocente and child like she is, despite beign a middle aged woman, I get her appeal but I just want to point out how silly this is. I know right, a hentai game being silly, this is unheard of! Like, I don't think the game is bad, I think it'd do a pretty good job for those who are into gigantic boobs and unrealistically innocente waifus but I can't get the full enjoyment out of it because I'm not into these things, just like I didn't get to fully enjoy Crusoe because I'm really against incest in real life. I get that Crusoe is escapism too but I just can't enjoy the trope that much. I'm looking forward for your next novel. From what I've seen it seems it may be more porny than romantic too but I really like its fantasy setting and I'm really glad you reused the artsyle form Re: maid for it, the blode chick is really hot and she kind of reminds me of Erika with her face and haircut, which is a good thing since I think Erika is by far the cuttest girl in Re: Maid. I hope you keep on trying new things and maybe, who knows, maybe I'll get to enjoy your future projects even more than Re: maid.

So how many endings do each girl have?

I NEED THE SOUNDTRACKS, ESPECIALLY THE LAST ONE ON ESTHER'S ENDING! great work, really love what you have done Marble Syrup.

NekoPara i want my magic sport car ! =P
Good game otherwise