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Reviews for "Pixel Day Dash"

fun game first game i,v had fun play on this site

I got more addicted to this than I thought.

You know Goldfish you should make games more often you're good at it!

Really, this is one of the few autorunners/endles runners that I enjoyed.

At first is frustrating, but when you get the hang of it then the game really gains a lot, and the music too because the first couple of notes can be very repeticious and anoying when the music starts over and over, but the track is really good!

Also I like the animation a lot it looks deceptively fluid (i mean in a good way).

Very vibrant in colour choice and it is randomly generated which is good. You could have picked better music and doesn't really bring anything new to the table in my opinion.

big flaw: if you don't notice the item shop until late in the game, you've lost out on a lot of rupies you could have had if you'd bought the rupy doubler upgrade which is all you should consider buying for your first several upgrades.