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Reviews for "Pixel Day Dash"

It's a fun little game, I just wish the items were permanent!

I absolutely love platformers like this one, the music is outstanding! The only downside of this is that items aren't permanent. ;-; Anyways great job!

Fricking love this game 5/5 <3

BRAVO. I love platformers from SMB3 to 'n' a game I was formerly addicted to. I can safely say this is one the best casually platformers I've ever played. The music sound FX is outstanding and the extra elements like quicksand, fans, and the Bionic Commando action makes this game a hit and a half. Can I get this on my android phone please?

I love the music, love the visuals, love the gameplay, love the fact you get achievements with medals, and love the upgrades. It's a shame you have to keep buying those though. Only downer. Other than that, solid job.