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Reviews for "Pixel Day Dash"

Nicely done the animations are cool the gameplay is very nice and the music is perfect

A little glitchy, but still a fun running game. I like how this compatible with mobile devices. I would suggest just using the mobile website if you want to go to Newgrounds on you phone and not the app because the app sucks. There is not everything you find on the desktop/computer version, but there is some stuff on the mobile site.

Somany medals its a points heaven

I think the challenges system is "a bit" buggy; it keeps rewarding me at the end of each run challenges that are ABSOLUTELY different than the ones that I've really achieved during the run.
Also as someone has pointed before, the fact that each upgrade is for only one use is really lame.

A pity because the game is actually pretty fun, but those flaws make it less enjoyable.

Pretty great game! There is one part that keeps getting me, but it's probably my fault. Again super great.