Reviews for "Pixel Day Dash"

I think the challenges system is "a bit" buggy; it keeps rewarding me at the end of each run challenges that are ABSOLUTELY different than the ones that I've really achieved during the run.
Also as someone has pointed before, the fact that each upgrade is for only one use is really lame.

A pity because the game is actually pretty fun, but those flaws make it less enjoyable.

Pretty great game! There is one part that keeps getting me, but it's probably my fault. Again super great.

Game is good fun, however the medals are really buggy. Have played through the game completely three times now, and I'm still missing two of them (despite having completed the challenge three times each now). Any easy fixes?

Man, I love this game. I can't even tell you how many hours I put into it...because I put in so many lol. But I finally got all the medals and I've mastered the game. In fact, on my last run I was running for 40 mins straight before I finally got bored and committed suicide.

I love how simple it is, and how there's only one button to press. The concept is fun and great. I'm never going to get the main song out of my head for eternity, that might be the only downside. Also, for medals like "swing 30 times in one run" or "float over fans for 15 seconds in one run" they should be worth more. Not necessarily because it's difficult to do those 2 things, but by the time 30 swings spawn for example you'd have to be running for like 10 minutes.

Hope you make more games like this.

Jumps are really clunky and it is never said that power ups are only good for one match.

Other than that, the pixelated design and overall gameplay is okay.