Reviews for "Pixel Day Dash"

Simple, well made, fun game , and somehow those virtual should-be-negligible medals motivate me to play more ... oh why?!? ><

I reloaded the page and I'm asked to login to earn medals, but I am logged in! I have an endless "waiting for login" msg now.

I found this to be a pretty fun game. The worst thing was how you had to get the medals in a certain order. I wish it just would have all been at once. Still, it was at least challenging like that. The design was pretty basic. It was as detailed as it needed to be.

The music was fairly nice. I like how fast paced it is. There's some good variety there. The spikes were probably the worst part. I liked the different levels.

Fun, but need a mute button.

Held my attention for a while. Nice little game for achievement whores. I spent some rubies on a magnet, to find it was not a permanent upgrade. Pretty pricey for a one time use item, perhaps the pricier ruby items could have a few charges?, otherwise not bad at all.

not much fun :(