Reviews for "House"

Very good game! Great art, soundtrack and atmosphere!

So bad there's no 'horror' category...

I absolutely love this game. It reminded me of so many other spectacular games, such as Lone Survivor by Jasper Byrne, and the classic Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street point n clicks by AfroNinja.

I really love how intuitive this game was. I love the music. I love how it looks. I love the plotting you need to take for the murderer route, I love how easy yet harsh the Evil route is. I love how simply pure the Pure ending is. This game is so thought out and actually chilling.

My first playthrough I got the gun and I didn't realize I had limited shots, and I accidently fired a couple times. Daddy came home and I thought I had remaining bullets, and so I shot at him only to hear the clicking noise. I ran away to my room only to have him appear and stab my eyes out again and again and again. That's fucking chilling, man. That's good horror game design. Another notable death was the rug spikes, because I had walked on the rug many times after the lights had gone off and never noticed the holes when they were on. It was surprising and I didn't trust any object for the next run. Good game design, once again.

I haven't been in love with a game on Newgrounds like this in a long, long time. I really hope you make a full fledged game out of this. I will buy it, and then I'll buy it for all my friends.

However, I did frequently get stuck on Daddy's entrance. It never forced me to restart the playthrough, but I did have to sit there for a minute at times which tends to be a bit of a tension killer.

Like I said, Loooove this game. Please expand on it so I can give you money.

This is a great game. Hilarious. Can somebody please tell me how I can kill Daddy's stupid, stupid head?

At first I was confused why the zombie and boar werent adding to my kills, but then I found all 3 endings.