Reviews for "House"

This is the best game for this Halloween event I've played so far! It's so good that I delayed my own Halloween game as it can't hold a candle to this one right now! I'll be surprised if you don't get first place in prizes.

While playing the game, I found a couple bugs which I'm sure you'll be glad to hear about:
1- I revived the sister by talking to her after killing her.
2- When talking to the doll, I can let go of the cat and then a new cat spawns in the game which I can use to repeat the doll dialogue and spawn an infinite number of rifles! However, all rifles share the same bullet.

As for suggestions, I wish you used a pixel art thumbnail because the current one doesn't evoke the art style or the feel of the game, and I think the name "House" isn't very shocking for a horror game. Other than that, great job! This was very atmospheric and enjoyed replaying it!

isaacnite responds:

Thanks for enjoying it! We are gonna fix those bugs ASAP. Thanks for letting us know!


All around great game.

at first i try to kill my fucking daddy and then i figure out

Short, mysterious, and fun!

I ended up getting the pure ending