Reviews for "House"

Missing Murderer medal.
Pure evil kill girls
Pure let girl in boarded room use toilet

This spine-chilling game reminds me of "That Guy" combined with "Lakeview Cabin" another horror games

Where is the gun & How to dodge the rat? (to get Murderer Medal)

really fun to play.
Now heres some hint for those who are stuck

- there is 3 different ending to the game.
Ending 1: The doll REALLY NEEDS a friend.
Ending 2: If u didnt realize, there is a force close door in the hallway. If only i had something to cut the wood.
Ending 3: Follow the bathroom things order.

Hi can I make a gaming video of me playing this amazing game for YouTube? I will include this link
Thx!! <3

isaacnite responds:

for sure!

how to kill him 1 find the room with the big rat run past him and get the axe and get out then put that axe in the hallway 2 go the room with the cupboard and trap. take the trap and it in the hallway at the door 3 find the cat give it to doll for a gun with only one shot 4 time to kill him. wait in the hallway he get stuck in the trap then shoot him now his body dies but his head will kill you now
so that win you grab that axe the hit him. and done he dead