Reviews for "House"

This game is very cool. I have a thing for that kind of narrative style, serene facade hiding a fucked up story. This is short but has fabulous replayability value, in the end being just long and versatile enough. The audio design is good, the art style is decent.
However, it's riddled with bugs. People have explained most before me. That's some lousy job on programming side, my friend. Although they are *mostly* not gamebreaking, but not that fun either. Those look like beginner gamedev mistakes.
Still, this is very good. Great job.

isaacnite responds:

We are working to fix any bugs/glitches that people have mentioned. We developed this over a 10 day period and were kind of strapped for time to make sure it got released by Halloween. A more stable version is on the way!

I love this game so much - there is so much meaning behind it than you fist think.
Nice challenging medals too!
I would greatly appreciate it if you make more games like this because it's my favorite on this site so far!!! <3 <3

Holy cow dude, this is almost identical to a game I have been building for a while, but I think I like this more!

isaacnite responds:

Would love to see your game!!!

I REALLY enjoyed this game. I especially enjoyed the pixel style to it. The atmosphere was creepy enough to make me anxious and the fact that I was always worried over time really put me on edge. I know I always whispered "oh crap" every time the light would go out and then the clock would soon chime, signaling time was up. Achieving the "pure" ending was probably the scariest ending for me as I had to have everything. I ended up just setting the trap before the spike rug, laying the gun near the clock when I wasn't using it, and had the ax waiting just behind me for that scary head of daddy's that got me the first time around. It was a bit hard to figure out the madness, but in the end, I finally achieved the 3 different endings. This experience was quite unique in my eyes and I hope to see more like it in the future.

Thank you for sharing~ ^_^

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