Reviews for "House"

The very reason I still visit Newgrounds is that something like this comes along every now and then.

You are (or you guys are) a genius. The music is insanely atmospheric and the game has so much charm that I feel like crying. The walking animation, the fact that you can pick up a cat, the interaction between the music and light switches etc.

Rock solid in every aspect. Well done! 10/5

(bug report: whenever Daddy's home, the game just freezes for me, I can still "pick up" things but I cannot restart the game)

isaacnite responds:

Thank you so much! We used to spend all of our teenage years on Newgrounds so it's so fun to put something out here on it.

RE: bug. We had this happen a few times but we thought we fixed it. What browser are you using?

Great game! Creepy vibes, cool soundtrack, and interesting endings. Perfect for three days after Halloween.

I loved this game! However have some complaints, when I tried to kill the dad and shot him he still lived which I tried many times to do but got the same results. Also, is there a basement on the map? I was experimenting with things and waited with an ax by the door and the game glitched and it looked like I was in a new room like a fell through the games floor for the living room. It might have been the rat room with the lights on though.

I love love this game.
i wish there was a full version of it.

Great game, keep at it.