Reviews for "Free Afternoon"

I LOVED IT! good looks wish there was different ending I thought i messed it up!

Is...is this a troll?!

It was kinda boring really, at the end you could of made the game start up

It was entertaining and nostalgia inducing having grown up with such technology. :)

How do you get the "Patience is even a bigger Bliss" medal though?

axoona responds:

Thank's, I'm glad you liked it!
I've put some help regarding this achievement here (to not spoil the fun for people who would read this comment):
Be warned, iIt really requires patience ;)

How do you beat the 4th screen? I did the order what the paper says, but it keep formatting my hard drive and return to the title screen.

axoona responds:

Well, that's the end of the game... Do not install games from unknown sources ;)
I'm sorry if you might feel dissapointed though.