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Reviews for "Free Afternoon"

It was entertaining and nostalgia inducing having grown up with such technology. :)

How do you get the "Patience is even a bigger Bliss" medal though?

axoona responds:

Thank's, I'm glad you liked it!
I've put some help regarding this achievement here (to not spoil the fun for people who would read this comment):
Be warned, iIt really requires patience ;)

How do you beat the 4th screen? I did the order what the paper says, but it keep formatting my hard drive and return to the title screen.

axoona responds:

Well, that's the end of the game... Do not install games from unknown sources ;)
I'm sorry if you might feel dissapointed though.

fun game, the soundtrack reminds me of the dungeon music in the gameboy legend of zelda games

cool game keep up the good work.

This is when you call your friend and tell him that his friend Stan had bad copies of the game that killed your computer.

Thanks, Stan, for getting my whole harddrive formatted, you prick!