Reviews for "Free Afternoon"

This is a pretty good concept in my eyes.
That's all I have to say currently.
Although I did think I encountered a bug that had the operator start speaking before I clicked 9.

Assuming the ending was inserting all the floppy disks correctly, it was lackluster. Maybe that was the point of it all and if so good job. The music choice however was repetitive, it gave me a headache.
Now that the bad is out of the way; I'm glad you had a nice idea for the Ludum Dare! The Pixel art was nothing short of stunning. Given the time restraint I'd say overall it was finely done. I hope you do more pixel work!

axoona responds:

Thank's! :)

We've4 come a long freakin' way in just 20-30 years. Nicely done. 10/10

what ?? I called in and nothing changes marked number ...

axoona responds:

what do you mean by "nothing changes the marked number"? the prompt shows you the numbers you've just dialed (not the entire sequence), and the game remembers the sequence you have called.
Did you try to dial the whole number?

Slow paced but it's OK.