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Reviews for "Free Afternoon"

how long does it take to get the 2 patience medals?
cool game btw

axoona responds:

Hi, I've put some help regarding this achievement here (to not spoil the fun for people who would read this comment):
Be warned, iIt really requires patience ;)
and thank's! :)

This game formats your C: !

as someone who grew up with these things, i found the game obnoxious in that obviously my character is the world's slowest phone dial-turner. i know you did that just to make people annoyed.

also the ending was little more than a cheap gag, after everything else, and this was neither fun and as art i don't even like it.

overall the game really gets on my nerves and is pretty much just an interactive version of you trolling.

I enjoyed this little flash back, I still have an old rotating numbers phone in my basement, i just like to have it

u dutch ik ook !