Reviews for "Free Afternoon"

as someone who grew up with these things, i found the game obnoxious in that obviously my character is the world's slowest phone dial-turner. i know you did that just to make people annoyed.

also the ending was little more than a cheap gag, after everything else, and this was neither fun and as art i don't even like it.

overall the game really gets on my nerves and is pretty much just an interactive version of you trolling.

I enjoyed this little flash back, I still have an old rotating numbers phone in my basement, i just like to have it

u dutch ik ook !

uses floppy discs and dial phones.. somehow have automatic phone support.. sure. Also they wouldn't say 'press' but 'dial'. None of the error messages made sense either.

it was short but fun, i never really did any of these things, so i used fast modern technology to pretend doing these things