Reviews for "Free Afternoon"

I feel bad that I couldn't get far in this game. I mean, it was just a phone and nothing else. I think it's only on the front page because it has medals. I couldn't get any of them. I tried dialing 911 and 112. They just show me the other options.

I don't really have a free afternoon. I guess that was the point. It just isn't enjoyable. I guess it was at least something different. I guess this is why the tech is outdated.

axoona responds:

All the medals work, in order to dial any number you need to hear the tone signal first and then dial all the numbres. If you dial for example 4 and then 112 it won't work.

how do you fuck do you install a game?!?!?!?!!??!

I was 100 years on the phone, HOW TO BE CONNECTED ?

axoona responds:

Do you mean, how to get connected with the operator?
You need to dial the 6 digit number which is shown at the bottom by clicking the right number (I admit it requires some patience - but that's the way old tech worked).
The digit you dial is displayed in the black box at the top so you can verify if there's no mistake.
If you make a mistake, click on the receiver or on one of the buttons at the top to start again.

also be sure to hear a tone signal before dialing as the telephone accepts a sequence of 6 correct digits.

Simple, short.

The fact that I have major nostalgia from when I was little about all this is honestly funny XD

Thanks for making this, it's always an interesting trip down memory lane~