Reviews for "WDA - Brackenwood band"

Excellent Rendition

This is a great rendition of one of the most respected series on Newgrounds. The detail placed in each of the characters reflects the quality and detail placed in each of the flash animations that they are represented in. The fur on the Bigfoot and Bitey really look good with the glow and light effects added on to them, really giving them the image of being real fur.

The fire effects truly caught my eye since they almost stick out more than the characters. One can almost imagine the flames flickering around the smoldering skull hosts as they dance around the band.

But the main gem is the amount of personality put into this piece. Bitey, looking as wild as ever, is the lead guitarist, which is really awesome since you need to be pretty fast to shred on a guitar. Bigfoot on bass is cool since like most of the denizens of Brakenwood, base is the foundation of the group. The Elf on drums works well since he's full on energy and can use that energy to really bash those drums. Finally, the witch on lead vocals. Arguably one of the most mysterious characters in the series, her voice is just as ambiguous.

All in all, this is an excellent image with great personality as well as detail. Great work!

Katatafisch responds:

:D thanks so much for writing such a long review, you mustve looked at the pic rly closely!!! its so nice to hear such kind words! that comment made my day coz you rly observed the pic closely and almost imagined it being lifelike ^^
glad you like it!!!
greetings ;)

What did I tell ya?


I had a feeling this one would make frontpage. I'm sure someone has stated it before I have but I had a stickle about the green skulls illuminating light, and how they don't cause any highlights on figures besides Lemonee. Other than that, well rendered my friend!

Katatafisch responds:

thanks brett! :D yeah i know what u mean and i wrote an explanation below ^^
but i think youre right ;)

love ya :D


Looks cool :)
But I also have a bit critique, red and cold blue lightsource are well implemented , but the green skulls dont seem to have any effect on the light situation and thus look a bit out of place, same goes for the nebula in the foreground , it lacks transparence.

Katatafisch responds:

:D yeah youre totally right, but i tried to have the green added and it was just too much and without the flying skulls it looked empty ^^

Guitars don't look like that...

Find a picture of a guitar to use as a reference, you completely screwed up on the necks. They're supposed to stop a little below the top of the body. Also, the frets get closer together as they get farther down the neck. Other than that, I like it. The colors are shading look good and everything seems to be reasonably in proportion.

Katatafisch responds:

lol i agree i didnt have any ref for it and the guitars look odd ^^ thanks for stating it!
and thanks for the comment ;)


guitar dude on the left loox like chubaka from old star wars!

Katatafisch responds:

:D yes totally xD