Reviews for "WDA - Brackenwood band"


can you comment on my comment?so i may comment on your comment to my comment?

something familar

i don't know if its me or something that you added of being your orginal charcater, but i think the witch in the front looks a bit like Kanta from Desert Punk

Katatafisch responds:

its no original character, its actually exactly lemonee with another hairdo and dark clothes ^^
but i totally see the connection with kanta ^^ though i didnt know of that char before you mentioned it ;)

love it

They really rock, nice visuals man.

Katatafisch responds:

:D thanks!

good...but I shall have to critique it "harshly"^^

Should I take that those characters are supposed to be Bingbong, the Lemonee Wee Witch, Bitey, and a bigfoot? Excellent job on Bingbong(?), totally captured his typical clueless look. You did very well on the witch as well. It is true that the bigfoot looks a little like Chewbaca, especially with the collar, but then again, so do the bigfoots in Brackenwood. Also, is that Bitey? If it is, he must have shaved huh?
Aside from that, you did an excellent job. The light reflections are all in the right place, they all look bada$$, and they really look like a band I would want to listen to. Stupendous, really.

Katatafisch responds:

haha thats great, yeah its bingbong, lemonee, bitey and the bigfoot
yeah i tried to make biteys hair fit the band guy look ^^
lol maybe some day you can hear their first song xD

Awesome dude

Hey, like the other guys said.. The green skulls look indeed out of place, maybe purple?
But hey, its still awesome =D
Chewbacca ftw

Katatafisch responds:

yeah they dont seem to be influencing the whole scene and decrease the depth immensely coz of that... ^^
thanks man! :D