Reviews for "WDA - Brackenwood band"

whoa, clicked this by accident. i love yer versions of Bitey & the gang. Spooky and intimidating in its way.


Bitey looks awesome!!
also, uhh is that bing bong on drums?

Katatafisch responds:

yeah its him :D glad you recongnized him ^^

GJ :)

Great job...really fascinating. made my day :)

Katatafisch responds:

damn thanks, i made someone's day!!! now that made MY day ^^


It's a very interesting piece of work.
Is it based on a video game or something?
Great Job^^

Katatafisch responds:

its based on a flash movie series named "brackenwood"
you have to see them! you can find it here on newgrounds or on brackenwood.com

love it

I totaly love it even thought bitey looks a bit strange it is a band i realy want to listen to!