Reviews for "WDA - Brackenwood band"


Fuckin' great!
I love Brackenwood and I love your art. 10/10

Katatafisch responds:

aww thanks so much! that comment made my day ^^

Oh my god !!!!

Chewy is playing the guitar! FTW!

Katatafisch responds:


My God.

This is brilliance in a way words cannot describe, but I will try my best.

I like absolutely everything about this, the fact that it looks palpable to the the touch, the great choice of light sources and their respective colors, and the overall theme behind it as well. You have a great sense of contrast in this piece, I really enjoy the dark and gloomy feel. It's almost as if I can actually hear the music they are playing in my head! Your ability to choose colors based on how they would react to said light sources, and the curvature of the character's features gives this an incredibly realistic feel. I envy your skills and will continue to look out for other submissions from you!

Katatafisch responds:

D: thats so nice!!! you seem to have looked at it really closely and long, i cannot thank you enough, its a great honor for me

Nice one

The done and depth is dark, and works well with the green spirit things. Nice.

Katatafisch responds:

thank you!