Reviews for "A Christmas Blackout"

I like the Christmas elements in this game. Because the scenes were darker than usual, it took me quite some time before I figured out I had a little mouse friend. Yay, I got a key for the fuse box and won the contest. Like the judge say, "Fantastic!" :D

Voice acting of the female characters is great.

I thought it was cute and relaxing, just what I expected from Carmel point and click games! Some of the rooms were way too dark to be able to see what you were doing at some points. Also there is a clue with the rings. Look at the tree in the backyard.

This is pretty good but the mouse hole is really hard to spot!


Had to use tips from reviews but never the less, fun.


Seriously though that mouse hole was invisible and I hate resorting to just hovering my mouse over everything for a pointer finger :(