Reviews for "A Christmas Blackout"

So i wasted all my time trying the find the key that my gaddamn mice took it eh?....

Fun and a little more challenging than I thought it would be. I wasn't sure if the "I hate the Drakes" was a Seinfeld reference but if so you're the man. :)

f*king mouse hole, very good game, gracias por ponerlo en espaƱol, me mato de risa el final de la historia

i love these types of games, and i love Christmas. probably going to play through it a couple more times i like the atmosphere, great job !

Very nice idea, visuals music and voices. I suck at puzzles but I won't hold that against this game.
My only bit of criticism is the rate that the mouths are moving and keep on moving after the voices are done until you click the mouse again. But that's the only thing that bugged. That and I didn't even get to the mouse. Told you I suck at puzzles!!! X)