Reviews for "A Christmas Blackout"

very cute and sweet game. I love how you take your time and produce something great and not rushed to make a weekly game quota. The puzzles were good, items weren't impossible to find and very seasonal. Amazing graphics as always. Merry Christmas. too bad there wasn't a dancing Nutmeg at the end XD

Carmel makes the best adventure games right now, and has for the past couple of years. They're well drawn, narrated, and not particularly difficult. It's a winning combination.

I thought the game was very nice. Paige was very cute looking in design and in the look you gave her, the music was very sweet, and most of the puzzles were good.
My only complaint would be the last puzzle with the nutcracker, as it was so dark that I didn't see the mouse hole. Other than that, a very nice game. (though I'm curious, who was the C + M carved into the fence for? :)

Nice and simple, as always! As always, pretty short, but still nice! There were more items this time around, too, and it's great! More puzzles, please? ;)

I gave this and extra point because the music is fabulous and quite perfect for Christmas.