Reviews for "Spider: Downloaded."

The game design is nearly flawless, the soundtrack is really nice, and the physics are just a load of fun. My only gripe are that there are some balance issues with a couple of the boss fights, such as the ants and how there's little room for error, and the <system> fight where one must die multiple times to figure out the attack pattern as well as being vulnerable during some of the attack sequences. Other than those little balance issues the game is really amazing and one of the best platformers I've ever played. Excellent work on this!

Pros: amazing game, fun, addictive
cons: the lasers sometimes are pretty annoying, some levels are so hard that reminds me the unfair platformer game.
A hint about the bosses of the 6th level will be appreciated!

This game is very addicting. It's a really cool idea, and it's really fun, and for some reason it makes me feel like a badass. But it can get really repetitive and it can slow down sometimes. 4.5/5

Good game, but the moving boxes are moving too fast for my taste and the many frigging lasers annoy me to the point that I want to skip straight to the boss battles and defeat them.

I loved the freedom of movement this spider had! But maybe it would work better if you managed to make it a little lighter. To me that waas the only minus cause it lagged. But still far better than many other with a 5 star rating!!