Reviews for "Spider: Downloaded."

Ok game but no medals :S
Might work on a story tho.

Some levels are fun, some aren't. Level design in a game like this is super important, I only played the first world but it seemed repetitive so I couldn't finish. The motion honestly make me feel uncomfortable and looking at such a tiny screen also hurts my eyes. You didn't really need a tutorial level at all, has no one watched Sequelitis? You especially didn't need to make me read while I was trying to play, I can figure out everything on my own except maybe the web sling which you could've put in a chest and explained when I got it. The music feels thrown on top for the sake of having music, and there's barely any story to keep me motivated to finish. The one good thing about this game is that moving around feels really nice, I can tell you put a lot of work into that.

But the moment I saw a key I facepalmed. It doesn't feel inspired, just copied. You have a lot of potential. I don't even like reviewing games.

pretty good so far, a little longer than i expected but that can be good, well designed game engine and music.

start from 100 ants I feel so sick for this game.

Glad to see your back doing stuff!