Reviews for "Spider: Downloaded."

Way too many levels, way too hard bosses. Way too much of everything considering that the game gets boring after the first boss. If I wanted to play a full length game, I would buy it. You should have made it a demo.

You layered 2d sprites to give an illusion of 3d but you could have rounded the corners a bit cause as it is you get a very jagged look which is less appealing perhaps. The gameplay itself is not as fun to me as UmiHaraKawase but it is alright for a free game. It is very raw though. I admire your effort and will rate five stars in the actual vote. Good work with lots more potential.

Wow, this is one of the most exasperating games I've ever played! I am simply amazed at how massive it is! It seems like the first world alone could be its own game! I still loved every pit of it! It was mostly because I pushed myself to my utmost limits. It got really frustrating, but it was worth it.

It even works as both a platformer and a puzzle game. You have great mobility. It doesn't make much sense, but it's still great to look at. It's sooo satisfying when you finally beat a level. I love how you can crawl on the side. Thank you for this wonderfully addictive game!

This is a great game! Conceptually simple, easy to learn and feels great when you're mastering it.

Very high quality stuff. Solid gameplay yet simple and easy to learn. The throwback graphics are simple and satisfying.