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Reviews for "Hungry Joe"

what ?

Kwing responds:


This made me hungry...

Kwing responds:

Aye, that was the design of the game.


Kwing responds:

Ayy thanks bruh.

After fighting the pig 3 times I just couldn't put anymore time into this, even though I was trying to get all the achievements. Especially since there are no save points.
A step by step example of how things work at the beginning would have really helped. It was pretty confusing for a while.
Overall though it was very enjoyable once I got the hang of it and I felt like it was a pretty unique game.

Kwing responds:

Hold on, you made it to the boss three times independently, or you got to floor 75? Holy shit, you're supposed to get a medal at 50F that literally says STOP PLAYING. Shortly after beating the boss the drop rate for recipes caps out - there's really no reason to exceed 50 unless you really hate yourself.

Mad props for (possibly) getting to a higher floor than anyone in the history of this game, myself included.


OMFGWTFBBQ!! Whoever thought of mixing those fabulous audio + culinary art + Megaman Battle Network deserve a lifetime free International buffet. Have you been smoking some angel dust or something? LMAO!! >o<

Holy shit. You got the freaking guts to pull this off. I really like this uniqueness of the game!!! >_<

Now, some problems:

- just like Megaman Battle Network 1, the gameplay mechanic is there but things are not so obvious and what not. They polish things up and make sure things are more smooth in later Megaman Battle Network. Most of the time, when I choose the attacks, I don't even know which does what. I choose whatever I can choose the most and just use them. But of course, if you know which recipe does what exactly, you can get strategic. But when things aren't so obvious, players will still stuck on "which does what" rather than flowing with the game and go "let's use this then that". It would be helpful if there is a little help text describing which recipe does what in battle.

- telegraphing: it is a bit hard to tell the behavior of some of the enemy attacks. For example, the flour rolling pin goes through me a few times and I still don't even know what it does.

- polish : what this game lacks right now is polishing department. All the idea are in and well, but if you can polish the game and make the gameplay formal and professional and you put it on Steam, I will probably vote for greenlight. Yeah... so polish it a bit, bro.


Oh, well, that's all I wanna say. Now, I gotta go eat sashimi with ketchup with yogurt with rum and a bit of special powder - yeah, that kinda powder. LOLOL~~~

Kwing responds:

I did consider making it so that if you selected a recipe twice a message would pop up and tell you the nature of the attack. That might be something to add, as I'm still updating the game. I'll see what I can do.

Not all of the recipes' effects are immediately apparent. Checking out their function out of battle is really the best way to understand them, which means some will remain enigmas until you obtain them.

As it turns out, this game was a lot less polished before this - for instance, the recipes didn't have letters on them and didn't dim when selected until someone pointed that out very late in development. I did as much as I could to make the game perfect, but ultimately I only got 2-3 people to test this for me despite all of my begging. Unsurprisingly, there's a lot of fine tuning that's not accounted for.