Reviews for "Hungry Joe"

This Reminds Me Of Five Nights At F##kBoys.... Wonder Why?...

Kwing responds:

git gud

A lot of the game's humor was directly borrowed from Fuckboy's. After you beat the game you even get new winning and losing screens, one of which directly uses the audio clip ,"I fucking did it eat my shit."

Really interesting game!
It took me a sec to get the hang of the mechanics etc., but once I caught on I found myself
immersed in all of the silly nuances that this game has to offer :D
It's easy to see that you spent a lot of time on this, well done.
Keep up the good work!

Kwing responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you appreciate it!

i literally heard the music at the start and i'm already at 5 stars. is there a place where i can listen to the full version / mp3?

Kwing responds:

Go to Credits in the menu and you can see all of the music used. The rapping for the title screen was actually done by me. If you look at the left side of the page you can listen and download it.

Thanks for reviewing!

Good games, but difficult because we can have more health after each level.

Kwing responds:

Yes, this type of game is known to be very difficult. You can expect to lose a dozen or so times before successfully making it to the end. Health is useful but not necessary if you get good at dodging.

Pritty good, if not a bit random (in more aspects then level generation).
Could get better in way's of story and why you are infinitly looking for food.

Kwing responds:

Roguelikes are similar to arcade games in that they're typically not known for their stories. The basic premise is that Joe is looking for the secret recipe, which is virtually identical in concept to the plot of the original game Rogue.

Thanks for the high review, I'm glad you liked it!