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Reviews for "Hungry Joe"

so, this is megaman battle network? It's a lot of fun, I've yet to try to make a combo of chips; though, I hope it works.

Kwing responds:

If you look at the Cookbook a lot of this is explained; most of your starting recipes will be of the Narrow use type, which only pair with one other Narrow recipe. As you go through the game, you'll find a handful of Wide recipes that pair with four other recipes. Finally at the end you'll find Universal recipes with the use letter Z. Basically over the course of the game your combos will become larger as you find letters that converge.

Graphics are great, sounds / music are good and fitting (even if I'm not fond of hip-hop at all), the idea feels original and unique. Since it's version 0.9, I assume that you are planning some updates?

Well, here some things to think about:
-It's nice that you can turn off the music with right click, but pressing M button would be a better idea.
-Balancing the difficulty. Currently it's a vicious circle, as all calories are spent on healing, thus no money left for extra items. It's because it's very difficult to avoid getting damage during battles.
You can either lower the damage, give more calories per fight, OR, which is something I would recommend, make the healing cheaper in cost.

I am also very curious about the "STOP PLAYING" medal.

Kwing responds:

Consider that if you really suck at any action RPG all of your money is going to go toward healing. When you get better at the game you learn to dodge attacks and to preemptively avoid the main courses (whose attacks cannot be evaded) you can end up in the shop with a few thousand calories.

The cost of healing is a bit steep right now, something I've recently begun to recognize. Not only is it hard for new players but it also pushes Basters more than it should. Currently, the cost ranges between 1 calorie per 1 health (at 0% health) and 2 calories per 1 health (at 100% health) so that it's cheaper if you take a risk and wait until you're low on health. I could probably afford to halve this amount so the range is (0.5, 1) instead.

STOP PLAYING is pretty self-explanatory in its name. Also, you may be interested to find out that there is a hardcore mode (with its own medal) that can be unlocked by beating the game normally.

HipHop and Food! yeeeee! gave it 5 cause it was unexpected!

Kwing responds:

You should check out Aqua Teen Hunger Force then, hah!

Very well made and unlike any other RPG I've played, but I found it rather repetitive

Kwing responds:

It's quite similar to Please Remain Calm and The Binding of Isaac. Most games like this do get repetitive, but it depends on how much you're playing of course.

Excellent!! pls i want some meat

Kwing responds:

I was afraid you'd never ask! You may be pleasantly surprised to find that I have some... *wink* Extra sausage. B-)