Reviews for "Hungry Joe"

Pritty good, if not a bit random (in more aspects then level generation).
Could get better in way's of story and why you are infinitly looking for food.

Kwing responds:

Roguelikes are similar to arcade games in that they're typically not known for their stories. The basic premise is that Joe is looking for the secret recipe, which is virtually identical in concept to the plot of the original game Rogue.

Thanks for the high review, I'm glad you liked it!

Some Quick Notes:

With the explicit music, this should probably be rated M

Otherwise a really 'tasty' game!

Kwing responds:

Glad you liked it! I figured T was a fair rating for this game. I suppose some might disagree.

Since i can't find any way to heal myself (not enough CAL) and in the instructions nothing is said about this ... i would say this game is unbeatable. Too sad, it looked funny.

Kwing responds:

The recipe Baster recovers health when it connects, but other than that there's really no easy way to recover health. Much like Please Remain Calm and The Binding of Isaac, the trick is to be proactive about avoiding incoming attacks.

You bring up a good point though. As of v0.91.0, you can now spend all of your calories to heal partially if you don't have enough for a full meal.

a bit lacking in everything

Kwing responds:

I guarantee this game is not lacking in 90s music.

It's also not lacking in a tutorial, but seeing as you didn't look through it I suppose that's not of great importance to you.