Reviews for "Sentry Knight Conquest"

Good, polished game. I enjoyed playing it.

Tyler responds:

glad you liked it !

Shoting feels suprisingly good. Screenshakes FTW/

Those red bombs show up way too early in the game for the player to handle. The last half of the game ramps up to a point where there are no more upgrades to make it less challenging, as the endless swarms just take so many hits and my eyes start to go bleary because of all the motion.

Neat game, just not as well-functioning as sentry knight games tend to be. I still thought it looked cool and was well laid out. I just wished I hadn't played and gotten a literal headache from the motion...

Tyler responds:

yeah thats fair- thanks for the feedback. I'm gonna take this genre out for another spin eventually and do it better. learned a lot from releasing this one.

a single word EPIC

Amazing game the graphics and the game play is awesome