Reviews for "Sentry Knight Conquest"

The gameplay reminds me a lot of Nuclear Throne...
Except, less chaotic

This game was very good and very well made, and no doubt deserves a good score. On the formal aspects I got nothing to add (sounds, music, graphics). However, it was also a little disappointing to me (and, judging by the other reviews, others may feel this way). I liked the other Sentry Knight games a lot, and I was expecting a tower defense type. Instead, this one felt more like a "bullet hell" type of game. Also, the spells options feel a lot more limited than before.

Now, I'm not criticizing the search for innovation. For example, the rescue of pets during the progression was a great and fun idea - not only for the upgrade itself, but the anticipation it generated, got gamers wondering which would be next, and its power. Many successful gaming series change a lot over time, but the sin here was becoming more action than strategy I think. A sudden change in the game type may catch fans off guard.

Tyler responds:

Thanks for the review! Yeah, this one was always intended to be different from the tower defense series - all the tower defense Sentry Knight games will be numbered (Sentry Knight 2, Sentry Knight 3 [eventually].. etc). I'll make another defense game at some point, but right now it's fun to spin the mechanics into a different genre and see how they play.

In hindsight I understand the names might be misleading - I just like to use the Sentry Knight universe as a playground for new things, such as different genres (like this game) and trying out story-telling (next game). Anyway, it's refreshingly nice to step towards talking about concept and searching for innovation in these comments; thanks for the critique!

What an awesome little game great job folks.

muy bueno el juego e.e

this is good, i like the medieval art and the shooter, this game is the perfection. the 2 types of game and the combination is amzing!

thanks for the born of this game. you are a god of creation

Tyler responds:

glad you liked it! Im gonna make another one like this after my current RPG project.