Reviews for "FinalFantasy: Masters of"


I really like this. Except for the crackling. The crackling really really undermines how well this song is done.

bitium-ribbon responds:

I hear you. This was done before I knew how to turn down the volume properly, and as such is far too loud

Still, glad you think it's good!


This song is fun to listen to and nearly holds perfection to the sense of a remix. In my opinion it was a little too upbeat, but I can see what you were doing so props and keep up the good work.

bitium-ribbon responds:

Perfection eh? That surprises me. This was a very early work.
Thanks for the review!

Because of this song...

It's masterpieces like this that make song searching worth it. This song got me through some pretty boring times. Thanks for creating it.

wow man.....

you blew me away man and its not a easy task i love everything you did with all the songs it sounds smooth and consistant easy on teh ears


That's pretty awesome dude, and very long too compared to other songs. Long songs last longer. Yep, so good work.