Reviews for "FinalFantasy: Masters of"


As with the tragic loss of dearest Billy Mays, my existence too lost all meaning.

Until now.

Thank you bitium-ribbon! My pacemaker now beats again only for you.


(okay maybe a little)

bitium-ribbon responds:

I'm not afraid to say you'll find plenty of homo here, but either way thank you muchly for the review! ^^


i cant believe i lived w/o this for so long!!!! I love the way the whole remix is so seamlessly put together its almost not a remix its so good 10/10 5/5 GREAT JOB!


Absolutely love this remix - this was the first one of yours I've heard, and because of it, I've been introduced to a world of awesome Final Fantasy remixes...

bitium-ribbon responds:

Woo! I popped your remix cherry!


Loved this. Reconized most of them!

Thank you!

This is a perfect combonation!