Reviews for "FinalFantasy: Masters of"

I'm loving this and I'm not just saying that

what a song, it's like nothing I've ever heard befor keep makeing songs this good.


You have a very good talent remixing these choices of music. One thing I did catch though is how long the FF 5 music was played for. Now I am not critizing your work, that was one of the best remixes I have heard and it blended well together, but the 5 music lasted like 10 seconds. If you had more time, would you have made it longer? Besides that, very good job. Ideas for another remix of songs- Try mixing 8's "Perdition" with 6's "Catastrope" along with the final kuja battle music from 9. there are so many songs from the FF series that the possibilities are endless.

bitium-ribbon responds:


Primarily, the reason I didn't make 5's mix longer (and this is actually very embarrassing) is that I didn't have the actual music with me at the time and then forgot how the rest of it went. XI
I would have edited it but after that my FruityLoops license code expired and I subsequently lost the original file. lol

As far as other mixes go, I'll agree with you on Catastrophe and Kuja's final battle music, but as I haven't played 8 to any extent (with good reason), I don't plan on mixing any music from it. Maybe the battle and boss themes, I don't know.
Thanks for the commentary!


You can't beat a good FF soundtrack!

bitium-ribbon responds:

Good to know. XD

Sounds great

Awesome job would have liked to see you expand it to some of the new games 10-12 maybe even some of the original NES titles other than 3 like 1 or 2 and maybe even 8 despite the poor quality of the game it had good music. Maybe for the next medley?

bitium-ribbon responds:


See, I have battled long and hard with this. I despise 8, dislike 10, don't even count X-2 or 11 as Final Fantasy games, and didn't bother to play 12 for longer than five minutes. I had enough trouble putting 7 in as I dislike 7 much more than most people do. My rationale for putting 7 in at all is because a) Nobuo is still Nobuo and b) I don't mind it, and I know it. Putting themes in for 8, 10, 11 or 12 when I really don't know them or the backgrounds to them would be a false homage, which I can't do.

As far as 1 and 2 go, well, 1 doesn't have a boss theme and neither does 2, which I didn't play for long.

Anyway, hope this answers your questions!

As long as Culex's theme is there I'm good.

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeet. This was great I own 7 and 9 great job


P.S This signature above me is for great artists.