Reviews for "FinalFantasy: Masters of"

Teh sex.


Nostalgia is over 9000!!!!!!!!!

This song is so amazing. Ever since I can remember I've been playing Final Fantasy. I played FF4 & 6 on the SNES from '94 to about '97 and played 7 through 9 on the Playstation from '98 to 2002...

This song is like a time machine that takes me back and forth 8 years of my life in only 6 minutes and 20 seconds. When I found this song 4 years ago I was so happy this was made and downloaded it immediately. I've had it on my MP3 player ever since and rock out to this a few times a week, at least.

This song is perfect and in my personal opinion(who cares about that, right?lol) the OCD remix wasn't necessary. I'm glad you made it and pleased a few fans....but I prefer the bass, cymbal crashes and the chaotic feel of this song greatly. The OCD remix sounds a little more mellowed out and doesn't have the intimidating boss factor I sense with this song. Every time I hear this song I literally get goosebumps, it's that good.

So a million thank you's from a very grateful FFFan to you bitium-ribbon

bitium-ribbon responds:

Thank you! A pleasurable review to read.

I do want to clear something up though: I didn't make the OCD mix for the fans. I made it for me. And I personally prefer it greatly over this one - I'm prouder of it in terms of style, instrumentals and overall feel, not to mention it feels more complete to me.

But thanks all the same! Glad you enjoyed it!

- Bitium

Most of the Song is a Great Ride

The only song-based criticism I have is the half-step off-beat drumming that was inserted during the Final Fantasy 7 section. It just seemed to disrupt the flow that you had going so well. I agree with a previous user as well, sometimes too many instruments at once can create that buzzing in the software used to create this music. This is hardly your fault and with that in mind the piece is still fun.

Your structuring of the song with the individual pieces works and in great strides.

......... speechless

......................, OMG this is so...................................
........ I'm speechless and astoneshed at how well this sounds its perfectly mixed just so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!