Reviews for "FinalFantasy: Masters of"


the best final fantasy type music ive......uh ANYONES ever heard i especially like the beginning with ff4.
maybe u can make all of the different boss themes separate?


awesome man.
makes me want to play them all again, luckly, i have all the original games on the the nes, super nes, and playstation! yay!

the ff7 was great

i mean best

bitium-ribbon responds:

Enjoy it, then, because it's the last FF7 I'll ever do. :P

I love this song!

Two things I love, boss music and Final Fantasy! Actually I think the title is pretty fitting. I think that FF3 and 6 are the same game, except that FF6 has movies <_<.
Anyway this song rule above all other and it will reign!

bitium-ribbon responds:

Thanks, but one thing:

FF3 and FF6 are not, in fact, the same thing; FF3 was a game for the NES and was only released in Japan. When FF6 was made it crossed over to the States as FF3 because 2, 3 and 5 hadn't found their way over.

Thanks for the review!


I love this song you rule