Reviews for "Celles et Ceux des Cimes et Cieux"

tout simplement magnifique, je crois bien que je vais revoir un ou deux miyazaki maintenant, c'est juste génial de voir autant de talent et de qualité dans une ""petite"" production indépendante comme celle-ci

Bravo, c'était magnifique !! Tout est tellement maitrisé, la lumière, les couleurs et j'adore cette animation hyper fluide qui s'accompagne très bien avec la musique d'Hisaishi !

Tu as beaucoup de talent, un gros GG comme on dit chez nous ^^

wow its like everyone else said, this is like Studio Chibli, i mean the animation, the world, the art, the creatures...etc

In one word: Brilliant.

I can't even begin to explain how much I want this to be a full-length 90 minute movie.
The story, from what I could gather, is amazing: action, fighting, emotionality -- it's all there!
The flow of the characters' movements, along with the art style really remind of Mr. Miyazaki's works. The movements of that gooey legged worm thing, particularly reminded me of No-Face's chase scene in "Spirited Away".
All in all, everything else is simply awe-inspiring. I can't get enough of this art style!

I really, REALLY, hope that making this into a full hour and a half movie is in your plans for the future! I will be there to watch the living hell out of it!

Simply, incroyable!

this was awesome. Reminds me a bit of Nausicaa the Valley of wind and Princess Mononoke kind of combined into one. the animation is a little choppy, which kind of makes it look more like the earlier animated works along with the artstyle. the enviroments were also really beautiful. would love to see this as a series of shorts or a full length animated film.