Reviews for "Celles et Ceux des Cimes et Cieux"

coming home from work , decided to check out newgrounds and saw this. Made my day a lot better love the flow of the animation ,great work.

I think its agreeable that this is the most ambitious and well made project on Newgrounds. Its incredibly professional and well thought out. Could've easily fooled me that this was a real trailer for an upcoming movie.

I really appreciate how you've managed to take that Miyazaki inspiration and apply important and notable aspects of it here. This might be just me but I could also see some The Last Airbender themes and concepts, no?

Great stuff!


I'm afraid I don't know emnouigh words to describe this stellar piece of beatuy. Astonishing!

You need to make this work to be seen by public. Post it with gifs in Twitter or something but you need to atract attention of someone big. I'll definely pay to see something that surely is incredibly imaginative and beautifull as this being only a proyect right now.