Reviews for "PACO-PACO"

I had fun playing it :-)
I just realized the main character's voice is from "Charlie bit my finger" video on YouTube hehe.

It's weird how the big monster just comes so fast as soon as you stop for a moment, and then it so quickly goes back as soon as you start moving. It's like you're either safe or doomed, there is no middle way. This is the only reason why I'm giving a 4.5/5 :-)

I ran over 6000mts, but the fast runner medal didn't work

Cool game!

While this made my rig lag, I won't take off points for that because that's not your fault.

I'll also ignore the presentation, or specifically the fact that I played Limbo long before this doesn't matter. Wouldn't be the first time two things looked similar. No harm there.

While ostensibly this is a neat game, it does have quite a few flaws to its design and presentation.

First, I don't know if there is a medal for getting every single flower but several times that first flower spawned and collected before I could even visually register it on screen. Like it was pretty much just sitting there past the monster spawn. Other times the flower actually spawned before I could take control of Paco to make him jump to get it. The game didn't lag all the time; after making some adjustments it ran fine but there was still that unattainable flower in the beginning.

As for enemy-spawning, that was a nuisance, too. There were times I'd be running down what I thought was an empty corridor when a bat flew out from the ground and knocked me back. Black enemy on black ground made it impossible to see until it hit me, and this isn't the game where I could just be flippantly jumping through the air all the time lest I fall prey to gravity at the wrong time. It didn't seem like there was anything I could do or learn; it was just cheap.

It also felt that way when there were stretches of land that were populated by enemies, followed by grass, followed by enemies, followed by more grass, with the placement of these hazards so close as to make it so that there would be no way to avoid being slowed down if I weren't already at top speed. And it was hard to remain at top speed because there'd always be some hazard that would be placed as to slow his movement. Sometimes Paco would seemingly lose momentum simply for landing on an angled slope, sometimes lose momentum in midair... was it possible to speed up again? Yes, although if he slows down at a spot that requires a jump, it's pretty much over because he cannot gain momentum without at least 2 body-lengths flat land. Surmounting a hazard that stops him and requires a jump means that if he's not had a perfect run before then it's almost impossible to recover.

Actually, that was an issue for me, thinking about it. No matter how great of a run I have, that monster is still just beyond the screen. Call it catch-up physics, call it cheap, but I basically get no tangible benefit to not making the occasional mistake because whether I'm constantly slowed by grass or whether I get 1500.mt flawlessly on a run, that monster is never more than 5 of Paco's body-lengths away. I suppose that's intentional, to ramp up the impending dread, but like I said... if I have a great run, that should afford me a little more time if I do mess up. One mistake ending everything in a couple of seconds feels odd when I see Paco accelerate quickly. It feels like he's putting a lot of distance between him and the monster, but he doesn't. He only ever gets just far enough away to stop the humming that accompanies the monster being on-screen. If the monster has to be that close on your heels all the time, then the hazard placement and the momentum shifts and everything else has to be perfect. Otherwise it can make the player feel like the game design forced them to lose, and you don't want that because it can cause them to not check out your next game.

A nice runner. I particularly like the graphic style of this game although I think the typography could have been better, it looks like a bit of an after thought. Maybe something a little more simple like a one tone, minimalist type.

I also think that the game itself might be too much on the hard side but maybe if I keep at it I'll get some of the medals. I might have put the medals at lower milestones, easy medals sell games around here.

All in all a nice little game.

inspectorgeek responds:

The game that you played wasn't complete... please play again and tell us your feedback :D